Walton - WSIF65

Interactive Display Panel

Model WSIF65
Display 65"
Resolution 4K & 3840 x 2160 Pixel with IPS Technology
Android version Android 13.0 Unlimited upgradable Firmware OS
Chipset Octa-core Cortex (1.8 GHz)
Speaker Built-in 2x15 W (30W loudspeaker) with 15w Subwoofer
Camera Built-in 40MP

S/N Particulars Offered Specification
1 Brand WALTON
2 Model WSIF65
3 Country of origin Bangladesh
4 Country of Manufacture Bangladesh
5 Screen Size 65-Inch
6 Backlight/Light Source Direct LED with 50,000 hrs. Backlight Life
7 Native Resolution & Pixels 4K & 3840 x 2160 Pixel with IPS or Technology
8 View Angel 178 × 178
9 Brightness (Typical) 400 cd/m2/nits
10 Response Time 6ms
11 Self-Shutdown Self-shutdown function during abnormal temperature and long idle time
12 Android OS Version, RAM & ROM (Total Storage) Android 13.0 Unlimited upgradable Firmware OS, RAM 8GB & ROM 64GB
13 Software for IFP Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Duo, etc. upgradable unlimited software from the Google Play Store.
14 Built-in Smart Whiteboard Minimum Software Features 1. Including teaching tools: pens, erasers, spotlight, cameras, Screen shapes, rulers, etc.
2. Various object operations: copy, clone, delete, move, lock, zoom in/out, rotate, redo, cancel, group, ungroup, hyperlink (sound and website).
3. Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PPT, excel, etc), edit, save, print, etc
4. Can zoom in/out, and rotate photos by finger gestures.
5. Polygon drawing including lines, graphics, triangles, pentagons, support of shape recognition
6. Seamless writing range by dragging the pages freely.
7. Integrated Software list: Screen Recording Software, Screen Share, etc
8. Handwriting recognition
9. Screen Sharing: Multiple-Screen Share by apps or QR code 4 users can connect at the same time 4 users can share screen at the same time with the device. Users can control by ioS, laptop, Mobile, PC, Tab the Interactive Board.
10. Free lifetime software upgrade
15 Processor Octa-core Cortex (1.8 GHz)
16 Built-in WiFi with Android Display WiFi 6.0 Version 802.11ac/g/g/n/a/ax 2.4GHz/5Hz & Bluetooth Version 5.0
17 Built-in Camera with Mic Built-in Internal Camera 40MP with 6-array Omni-directional noise-cancellation at least 8-meter pickup Mic
18 Doccument Camera External Document Camera - Resolution: Minimum 4k, 13MP
19 Touch Points 40 single-point users or 20 dual-touch and gestures users with Touch 360° interactivity
20 Integrated modules list Smart Board Highly integrated PC, 4K Camera, Interactive Whiteboard, Built-in Speaker, Android Module supporting Android TV features
21 Wireless Solution Built-in WiFi & BT in both OS (Windows & Android)
22 Supported OS Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS X
23 Split Screen mode Dual-view to work two applications at a time
24 Glass Protector Optical bonding
25 Contrast Ratio (Typical) 1200:1
26 Refreshing Frequency 60 Hz
27 Loudspeaker Built-in 2x15 W (30W loudspeaker) with 15w Subwoofer
28 Ports & Connectivity 3x HDMI IN, 1x HDMI OUT,
3x USB 3.0, 1x USB Type-C,
3 x TOUCH USB ( USB 3.0 Type B),1x MIC In,
1x RS232, 1x RJ45 IN,
1x RJ45 OUT
29 PC Module for Windows (OPS) 12th generation Intel Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Type-C USB 3.0, 1x RJ45, WIFI 6, BT 5
30 Power 90-240VAC 50/60Hz
31 Minimum Accessories with IFP 1x Wall-mount brackets with portable trolley, 1x Remote, 1x Power Cord, 1x 3M touch USB cable, 1 x 10-meter HDMI Cale, 1x VGA Convertor, 2x Stylus Pen, 1x Wireless Keyboard and mouse combo, 1x Dust Cover
36 Certificate FCC, TUV

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