Walton - Delivery Policy
​After placing a successful order at ePlaza our concern representative will contact with the customer within 24 working hours to confirm the order. Provided that Walton ePlaza reserve the right not to accept any purchase order by its own motion. However, Walton ePlaza will confirm one’s purchase order within 24 working hours except the causes of forces majeure such as flood, war, storm, political emergency or other act of God or situation beyond control of Walton ePlaza. The customer can also contact with the selected Walton plaza outlet, contact details are given with the plaza name or simply call to our helpline 16267 for more information & query (7.00AM -11.00PM).

Ordered product delivery will depend on product availability, product condition, the delivery location from the plaza and the product size. It will take maximum of 72 hours (for the portable product) for delivery and for large size product (products which need transport & labor), it will take maximum 96 hours for delivery. Within this time if delivery not possible then Walton ePlaza will inform the customer about required time.

In no circumstance shall Walton ePlaza be liable to pay any direct or indirect damages to the Customer due to any delays in delivery of the products or any failure to fulfil the order. Walton ePlaza through its representative, shall deliver the ordered products at the address specified by the Customer in the nearest point accessible to the address.

Extra delivery charges, delivery time, lifting charges and other expenses will be notified by plaza concern person to the customer and after customer confirmation and acceptance, delivery will be completed by the selected plaza.

In case the products you have ordered are not available, Walton ePlaza will refund you the purchase value as per bank policy. In the case that Walton ePlaza or his representative fail to deliver products due to the Customer’s fault, including but not limited noncompliance with the defined schedule for the products delivery, lacking to notify particular conditions of access, the Customer loses the right to get refund for the delivery costs. The costs for returning the products shall also be deducted from the products’ price. Should the Customer request another delivery, he shall prepay the delivery costs again.

Note: Walton ePlaza has the right to cancel the order at any stage of transaction; if ordered product found not in a condition to deliver or use (stock faulty, Stock Shortage,
color issue, package damage). In this situation, the customer will be notified by phone call and ePlaza will cancel that order. If the customer paid for that order than that amount of money will refund as per the banking refund policy.
Delivery Charge Details:
Product Type Distance Charges
Any Portable or Non-portable Product Pick Up from Plaza Free
All Portable Products 0-10 km 75/-
All Non-Portable Products 0-10 km 700/-
Any Portable or Non-portable Products More than 10 km 250/- Portable
1200/- Non-portable
Note: Delivery charge is excluding product lifting charge or any extra service required.
Portable Product & Non-Portable Product List:
Portable Product Non-Portable Product
TV (610 mm to 991 mm). Refrigerator & Freezer
Mobile, Smartphone & Accessories Air Conditioner
Laptop Washing Machine
Computer (All in One) TV (1.016 m to above)
Fan Generator (Diesel Generator, Gasoline Generator, Inverter Generator)
Electrical Appliances Water Heater (WWH-WH35L, WWH-MVH50L, WWH-WH50L)
LED light Weight Machine Platform Scale (WPCS-DS300B)
Switch Sockets  Dish Washer
Home Appliances Dish Dryer
Kitchen Appliances Hot Plate Cooker (WHP-DAMH22)
  Kitchen Hood
  Water Purifier & Dispenser
  Desktop PC
  Microwave and Electric Oven

Note: For portable product, if quantity exceeds more than 1 pieces and for delivery purpose, extra charges required than it will be counted under the non-portable product and extra delivery charges customer have to pay. Regarding extra charges customer will be notified through selected Walton Plaza.
Receipt of The Products:
  • The Customer undertakes to take delivery of the products on its behalf or on behalf of the person in favor of whom the order was placed, at the address defined by the Customer during the online order process.
  • During delivery at its address the Customer or the authorized person, must provide evidence of his identity and of the order confirmation which contains the order number, as well as the authorization in case of receipt by the third party. Following control and verification of the ordered products in the presence of the representatives, the Customer undertakes to take delivery of the products and sign the delivery document, a copy of which is kept by the representative and the Customer respectively.

Terms & Conditions for Foreign Transection:

To identify and stop the fraud transaction, Walton ePlaza will follow a few steps before proceeding with the delivery. Steps are-
  • If any order found under foreign transaction by our payment gateway system, in that case for verification purposes customers have to submit proper documents to Walton ePlaza for verification purposes.
  • Customer has to share a scanned copy of his NID/Passport copy & Card picture (middle 6 digit need to be covered).
  • After the bank verification process if they approved that transection we will proceed with the delivery and if not approved we will notify the customer regarding the order cancellation. We will also inform the bank to take initiative for the refunding process also.
  • During the delivery time if on behalf of the customer anyone else receives that ordered product then the receiver also has to provide his NID photocopy with his signature on that.
Note: In the event of products damaged during the transportation, the Customer can to refuse delivery of the damaged products by defining the reasons of refusal on the delivery document.
  • UPON SIGNATURE OF THE DELIVERY DOCUMENT WITHOUT ANY REMARKS, AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE PRODUCTS, THE CUSTOMER AGREES THAT THE PRODUCTS SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE BEEN DELIVERED IN GOOD ORDER. From this moment, the Customer may not request any refund or replacement of the delivered products. Should there be remarks related to delivery of damaged products or products which are not in accordance with the ordered quality or quantity, the Customer undertakes to notify Walton ePlaza in writing specifying the order number, at the following address. Walton ePlaza shall resend the correct order as per the products availability from nearest plaza.
The customer has the freedom to cancel order before delivery. To know details about order, cancel policy 
Click here. Further query; please call on at 16267 or 09612316267, (7 A.M - 11 P.M), or email us at [email protected]

Special Note:

Because of COVID-19 issues and Government instruction, our delivery process may take some time. In this time above policy won’t be applicable. If anyhow ordered product delivery couldn’t possible to deliver, then after the next government instruction regarding COVID-19 delivery will be done. Any type of product installation support will depend on nearly service availability.

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