Walton - Message from Chairman
Walton has attained prominence as a leader in the field of electrical, electronics, automobiles and other appliances brand with highest quality standards and recognized safety performance. Walton bases itself in the heart of Bangladesh upon the production of hi-tech and high value added electronics products focusing environment friendly operation and waste management system. We have a long tradition of serving our valued customers to their complete satisfaction through efficient management, excellent workmanship and after sales service, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts. Our HR policies and practices are among the best in the industry, valuing the essentials in attracting, inducting/engaging and retaining the high quality professionals. We believe in employee satisfaction, upgradation of their skill levels and for this purpose, the group invests a lot in training & development, incentive schemes, bonus, etc. 

In an era of advanced technologies and new techniques, we continuously strive for innovation and enhanced efficiency. We are offering a wide range of advanced technology spanning products from Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, LED/ LCD televisions, Motorcycles, Smart Phones to Other Appliances.
Walton is the preferred choice of millions of customer across the world because of its reliability and commitment to quality and price. We are operating many countries in the world and in the process of setting up new operation in markets such as USA, Europe, Latin America and Africa where we see emerging opportunities. 

I believe, we will emerge on a stronger footing, through a series of management initiatives targeted at strengthening our core operations including investment in compressor factory, home appliances and mobile phones.  

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