Campaign Start Date: 16-04-2020
Campaign End Date: 31-10-2020
Product & Discount Details:
Discount Available on Without EMI Discount % With EMI
Discount %
EMI Months
Walton Air Conditioners 10% N/A Up To 12 Months (Without discounts)
Walton Television 10% 5% Up To 6 Months
Walton Home Appliances (Except Washing Machine & Oven) 10% 5% Up To 6 Months
Walton Computer Up To 15% 5% Up To 6 Months
Walton Refrigerator   8% 5% Up To 6 Months
Walton Mobile 6% N/A Up To 6 Months
(Without discounts)

Offer Details:
* During this period customers can enjoy up to 15% Discount on those selected categories all product purchasing from Walton ePlaza.
* Customers can also avail EMI on those goods, but EMI tenor will be up to 6 Months and the discount percentage will be 5% on selected product category.
* During this campaign customers can place orders in COD & Online payment mode and also can enjoy the discount offer.
* Under this offer no other offer will be available except Walton Digital Campaign Season 7.
* Walton ePlaza have the right to change or modify the offer terms & conditions if required. Because of government instruction, we may face some difficulties, and for that, if any delay or charges claimed by banks customers have to accept it.
* During this COVID-19 period EMI documents submission depends at bank's terms & conditions.  
Special Note:
Because of COVID-19 issues and Government instruction, our delivery process may take some time. If anyhow ordered product delivery couldn’t possible to deliver, then after the next government instruction regarding COVID-19 delivery will be done. Any type of product installation support will depend on nearly service availability.
Walton Air Conditioner “Super Saving Deal” Offer Details
Campaign Start Date: 18-07-2020
Campaign End Date: 31-10-2020
Offer Details:
* Customers can enjoy a flat 20% discount on these selected models of air conditioners.
During this offer customers can’t avail any other offers which are running or will run in future. Ex: Walton Air Conditioner exchange offer or 10% Discount at online purchase.
* To avail the Exchange Offer or other discount offer then this up to 20% discount won't be applicable anymore.
* Free installation will be available under this offer.
* This offer will be applicable under cash purchase, card payment, or mobile wallet payment.
* This is a limited time offer and depends on stock availability.
* Customers can avail up to 6 months EMI facility under this offer. Above 6 months there will be no discount offer.
Walton Air Conditioner “Mid-Season Crazy Deal” Offer Details

Campaign Start Date: 27-07-2020.
Campaign End Date: 31-10-2020.
Offer Details:
* During these offer period, customers can enjoy up to 50% discount on selected models of Walton Air Conditioners.
* This discount offer only available at Walton ePlaza for online purchase.
* Customers can avail EMI facility under this offer also but the discount percentage will 15% flat.
* With this discount offer no other offer will be applicable. Example: Exchange Offer, 10% Online Discount, etc.
* Orders will be received as per stock availability.
* Customers can place an order under any payment mode.
* For order confirmation customers have to pay the delivery charges in advance (Minimum 1000 BDT) or 1000 BDT in advance to the selected plaza bKash number.
* Regular warranty policy won’t be applicable for these products. For these models below given warranty policy will be applicable-
Spare Parts
After Sales
Non-Inverter AC Residential Use 5 Years 3 Years 1 Year
Commercial Use 2 Years 2 Years 1 Year
Inverter AC Residential Use 10 Years 3 Years 1 Year
Commercial Use 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year
    * Ordered product delivery will be done by within 15 working days after the offer time close.
    * Customers have to pay the delivery charge in advance into the selected Walton Plaza mobile wallet.
* Delivery charge policy will be followed as per regular delivery policy.
* After order confirmation Plaza concern will inform the customer about the delivery time duration.
* During the delivery time if the ordered product not found in a delivery condition than Walton ePlaza will notify the customer and will cancel the order.
* Walton ePlaza has the rights to cancel any order after informing the customers.
* There is no product replacement available, if any issue raised it will take care as per warranty policy.
Walton & Walton ePlaza has the right to change the offer modality or stop the campaign any time or can change it.

Payment Method

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