Campaign Start Date: 16-04-2020
Campaign End Date: 31-08-2020
Product & Discount Details:
Discount Available on Without EMI Discount % With EMI
Discount %
EMI Months
Walton Air Conditioners 10% N/A Up To 12 Months (Without discounts)
Walton Television 10% 5% Up To 6 Months
Walton Home Appliances (Except Washing Machine & Oven) 10% 5% Up To 6 Months
Walton Computer Up To 18% 5% Up To 6 Months
Walton Mobile 6% N/A Up To 6 Months
(Without discounts)

Offer Details:
* During this period customers can enjoy up to 18% Discount on those selected categories all product purchasing from Walton ePlaza.
* Customers can also avail EMI on those goods, but EMI tenor will be up to 6 Months and the discount percentage will be 5% on selected product category.
* During this campaign customers can place orders in COD & Online payment mode and also can enjoy the discount offer.
* Under this offer no other offer will be available except Walton Digital Campaign Season 7.
* Walton ePlaza have the right to change or modify the offer terms & conditions if required. Because of government instruction, we may face some difficulties, and for that, if any delay or charges claimed by banks customers have to accept it.
* During this COVID-19 period EMI documents submission depends at bank's terms & conditions.  

Special Note:
Because of COVID-19 issues and Government instruction, our delivery process may take some time. If anyhow ordered product delivery couldn’t possible to deliver, then after the next government instruction regarding COVID-19 delivery will be done. Any type of product installation support will depend on nearly service availability.
Walton Air Conditioner “Super Saving Deal” Offer Details
Campaign Start Date: 18-07-2020
Campaign End Date: 20-08-2020
Offer Details:
SL NO Model No Capacity MSRP Discount % After Discount Price
01 WSI-VENTURI-18C 1.5 TON 63,500 BDT 20% 50,800 BDT
02 WSI-VENTURI-18C [Smart] 1.5 TON 65,000 BDT 20% 52,000 BDT
*Customers can enjoy a flat 20% discount on these selected models of air conditioners.
*During this offer customers can’t avail any other offers which are running or will run in future. Ex: Walton Air Conditioner exchange offer, Digital campaign Season 7, EMI Facility, 10% Discount at online purchase.
*To avail the Exchange Offer or EMI or Digital Campaign then this 20% discount won't be applicable anymore.
*Free installation will be available under this offer.
*This offer will be applicable under cash purchase, card payment, or mobile wallet payment.
*This is a limited time offer and depends on stock availability.
Walton Air Conditioner “Mid-Season Crazy Deal” Offer Details

Campaign Start Date: 27-07-2020.
Campaign End Date: 31-08-2020.
Offer Details:
    * During these offer period, customers can enjoy up to 50% discount on selected models of Walton Air Conditioners.
    * This discount offer only available at Walton ePlaza for online purchase.
    * Customers can avail EMI facility under this offer also but the discount percentage will 15% flat.
    * With this discount offer no other offer will be applicable. Example: Exchange Offer, 10% Online Discount, Digital Campaign Season 07 Offer, etc.
    * Orders will be received as per stock availability.
    * Customers can place an order under any payment mode.
    * Regular warranty policy won’t be applicable for these products. For these models below given warranty policy will be
    * For order confirmation customers have to pay the delivery charges in advance (Minimum 1000 BDT) or 1000 BDT in 
      advance to the selected plaza bKash number.
Spare Parts
After Sales
Non-Inverter AC Residential Use 5 Years 3 Years 1 Year
Commercial Use 2 Years 2 Years 1 Year
Inverter AC Residential Use 10 Years 3 Years 1 Year
Commercial Use 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year
    * Ordered product delivery will be done by within 15 working days after the offer time close.
    * Customers have to pay the delivery charge in advance into the selected Walton Plaza mobile wallet.
    * Delivery charge policy will be followed as per regular delivery policy.
    * After order confirmation Plaza concern will inform the customer about the delivery time duration.
    * During the delivery time if the ordered product not found in a delivery condition than Walton ePlaza will notify the customer and will cancel the order.
    * Walton ePlaza has the rights to cancel any order after informing the customers.
    * There is no product replacement available, if any issue raised it will take care as per warranty policy.

Payment Method

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