For Cash on Delivery (COD) order :
If you want to cancel your “Cash on Delivery (COD)” order then you have to make a call to our Helpline number (16267) within 24 hours from when you create the order (if product delivery process still pending). In this case no order cancelation charge applicable for you. If  your “Cash on Delivery (COD)” order on your door step then you have to pay BDT.100 as order cancellation charge.

For online transaction order :
You have to fill up some required fields in our Walton eplaza online page link or you have to make a call to our customer care within 24 hours from when you create the order. If the order status undergo on “Delivery processing Mode” or you failed to maintain the time limit, then the “Refund” option will be disappeared and you will not be able to cancel the order. Order cancellation is not applicable after receiving your product at home. In some conditions & cases order cancellation charge may be applicable. Order cancellation charge will be applicable as described below.

Order Cancellation Charge:
If you want to cancel your cash on delivery (COD) order on your door step or delivery under process than BDT 100 will be applicable as order cancellation charge. Order cancellation charge for online payment transaction depends on payment gateway & bank relevant charges.

Refund Policy:
If you cancel your order within provided timeline, then your payment will be refunded by deducting all type of bank charges & other charges (if applicable) within 7 working days (minimum) to 15 working days (maximum).

Refund Timeline for Credit & Debit Cards:
*Time required for refund process needed 7-15 working days maximum.
*Money refund charge & other charges may be applicable as per Bank policy.

Refund Timeline for Mobile Banking:
*Maximum 7 working days will be applicable for refund.
*Refunding charge will be applicable as per mobile banking refund policy.

N.B: Refunding charge is not applicable if we are unable to deliver your product due to limited stock or any other reason.

Payment Method

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