Walton - WKG011WB
Tk.1,495.00  (MSRP)

 WKG011WB (RGB Gaming Keyboard)

   - RGB Gaming Keyboard
   - Standard English + Bengali Layout
   - Bright silver color aluminum alloy panel + black keycap and black bottom cover

Antique RGB Gaming Keyboard

Model WKG011WB
Type RGB Gaming keyboard
Dimension (L) 430.5mm x (W)144mm x (H) 37.2mm
Weight 650 ±5 g
Character Double injection + Laser Etching
Cable Four-core black and white braided cable with white magnetic ring exposed 1.6m
Keys 104
Operating Voltage 5V+/-0.5V
Working current <300mA MAX.
Panel Bright silver color aluminum alloy panel + black keycap and black bottom cover
RGB Mode FN+1: Seven-color streamer
FN+2: Seven-color racing
FN+3: Seven-color telescopic
FN+4: Seven color constant brightness
FN+5: Seven-color breath
FN+6: Spectral cycle
FN+7: Kaleidoscope
FN+8: Sound control
FN+9: User-defined area 8 (press FN+ direction key up and down to customize color, FN+ direction key left and right to select light area, custom color power failure does not save)
FN+0: Click ripple
Backlight brightness control FN+PG UP brightness increases
FN+PG DN brightness reduction
Key lock function control FN+WIN-L lock WIN function.
Press FN+WIN-L to lock the WIN and APP keys at the same time, then press to unlock, and there will be LED instructions.

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Warranty Information:

- Replacement Warranty:
6 Months
Note: This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, electricity fault, natural causes or negligence. And Authority keeps the power to change, expend, correction, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.
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