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   - Type: Direct Cool
   - Gross Volume (OD): 213 Ltr OD
​     (Outer Dimension, Manufacturer declared)
   - Net Volume: 176 Ltr
   - Refrigerant: R600a/R134a

   Cooling Features :
 Type  Direct Cool
 Capacity :
 Gross Volume (Outer Dimension, Manufacturer declared)  213 Ltr.
 Net Volume  176 Ltr.
 Gross Weight  45.5 ± 2 Kg
 Net Weight  53 ± 2 Kg
 Performance :
 Climatic Type (SN, N, ST, T)  N~ST
  Rated Voltage/ Hz  220 ~ 240/ 50  
 Compressor Input Power (Watt)   V 1001- 119
 V 1002- 119
 V 1101- 102
 V 1102- 102
 V 1201- 109
 V 1301-108.6
 V 1302-108.6
 V 1401-102
 Compressor Type  RSCR
 Cooling Effect  Freezer Cabinet Less than -180C
 Refrigerator Cabinet 00C to +50C
 Energy rating  5 Star (BDS 1850:2012)
 General Features :​
 Temperature Control (Electronic/  Mechanical)  Mechanical
 Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual)  Manual
 Reversible Door  No
 Handle (Recessed/ Grip)  Recessed/ Grip
 Lock  Yes
 Refrigerant  V 1001- R134a
 V 1002-R134a
 V 1101- R600a
 V 1102- R600a
 V 1201-R134a
 V 1301-R600a

 V 1302-R600a
 V 1401-R600a
 Thermostat  RoHS Certified
 Condenser  Steel
 Capillary  Copper
 Polyurethane foam blowing agent
 [Eco-friendly (100% CFC &
 HCFC Free) Green Technology]
 Recommended voltage stabilizer capacity  V10.01/ V10.02/ V12.01: 1000VA
 V11.01/ V11.02/ V13.01 /V1302 /V1401: No Need to use voltage stabilizer.
 If out of voltage range(145V-260V), then suggested voltage stabilizer capacity is 1000VA.
 Refrigerator Compartment :
 Shelf (Material/ No.)  Wire/2
 Door Basket  GPPS/3
 Interior Lamp  Yes
 Vegetable Crisper  Yes/1
 Vegetable Crisper Cover  Yes/1
 Egg Tray or Pocket  Yes/1-2
 Can Storage Dispenser  No
 Deodorizer  No
 Freezer Compartment :
 Shelf (Material/ No)  Wire/2
 Drawer  No
 Door Basket  No
 Interior Lamp  No
 Dimensions (Net) :
 Width/mm  557
 Depth/mm  645
 Height/mm  1510
 Packing :
 Width/mm  580
 Depth/mm  645
 Height/mm  1530
 Loading Capacity- 40HQ/ 40Ft/ 20Ft  102/ 102 /50

Pre-Order Option Currently Unavailable
Warranty Information:

Residential Use:
- Replacement Guarantee: 1 Year (Condition Apply)
- Main Parts (Compressor): 12 Years
- Door: 3 Years *
- Spare Parts: 4 Years *
- After Sales Service:5 Years *

Commercial Use:
- Main Parts (Compressor): 4 Years
- Door: 1 Years *
- Spare Parts: 2 Years *
- After Sales Service: 2 Years *


This warranty does not cover the following cases:

1. Any damage due to accident, electrical fault, natural causes, negligence or improper installation.
2. Any damage or failure caused by unauthorized modification or alteration.
3. Products with original serial numbers that have been removed, distorted or cannot be readily recognized.

Authority keeps the right to change, extend, correct, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

*This warranty covers only manufacturing defects in products & workmanship, subject to verification by company personnel.

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