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Indulge yourself to a world of opportunities brought to you by WALTON smart phones. Feel free to choose from the wide range of cutting-edge innovations and features to meet your modern demands. With the latest Android operating systems paired with user-friendly mobile devices with elegant design and premium build quality, we are constantly striving in this ever-so-demanding race to bring nothing but the best to our users.


MSRP Tk.26,999.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.24,999.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.20,990.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.12,999.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.15,599.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.10,599.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.10,499.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.9,599.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.13,499.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.11,999.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.8,290.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.8,390.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.6,099.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.5,799.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.4,990.00+VAT
MSRP Tk.12,999.00+VAT
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