Order & Delivery Policy During COVID-19
In between 30th June 2020 to 30th November 2020 we Walton ePlaza are receiving orders successfully through our online platform (eplaza.waltonbd.com). our delivery process may take some time. If anyhow ordered product delivery couldn’t possible to deliver, then after the next government instruction regarding COVID-19 delivery will be done. Any type of product installation support will depend on nearly service availability. 

Terms & Conditions: 
* The customers can place orders @ online by selecting any Walton plaza. * Customers can place an order on cash on delivery or by doing fully online payment. * Product delivery will depend on government notice and the situation near the selected plaza. * Any type of installation support will depend on the availability of technicians near the delivery location. * Product lifting charge to multiple storied buildings will be applicable as per policy. * Walton ePlaza has the right to change or modify any condition if required. * As per the government instruction there are few areas fully locked down. In those area product delivery won’t be possible till the next instruction from Bangladesh Government. If the customer placed an order by selecting pick up from the plaza and demand for home delivery, then delivery charges will be applicable & charges will be discussed by the plaza concerned person. * During this COVID-19 period EMI documents submission depends on banks terms & condition. * During this CODIV-19 period delivery time won’t be as like Walton ePlaza regular delivery time. 
For any reason, if we are unable to deliver any order we will notify the customer and will try to deliver the ordered product again after the situation goes under control.

Payment Method

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